Tuesday, June 26, 2007

BET Awards

J-Hud and Jennifer Holliday: They killed it, of course. It's not a competition, but Jennifer Holliday shows that she's the originator. Did you see the faces she was making though? Yikes!!

Mo'Nique: I love Mo. She is hilarious! Those big girls were gettin' it too. I give it a 9.9...on the Richter scale.

Beyonce: She just won an award for Video of the Year. Look at her shape, that's a for real coke bottle! Do it girl, I'm not gonna hate. Yet.

TI: Big Thangs Poppin.' I don't like that song. But I like you Tip, even though you came out looking like the captain of the Love Boat.

Nick Cannon and the little homie from High School Musical: *Yawn* Nick Cannon ought to start endorsing popcorn.

Ne-Yo: Michael Jackson called, he wants his DNA back. Now he's doing "Make Me Better," and my boy Fab is stuntin' HARD, he has on gold kicks!

Best Actor award: Stiff competition but Forrest Whitaker wins for The Last King of Scotland. Can't be mad at that, the role netted him an Oscar for cryin' out loud.

Diddy and Keyshia Cole: I like that blue leather Diddy has on. KC aka Mary J. Blige Jr. looks good too. Everybody loves this song, don't front! Uh look at Lil Kim! Diddy is a clown, I love him though. Is Lil Kim singing??? Good performance, it built to a nice little crescendo at the end.

Chris Brown and Rihanna: They look cute. Chris plugs his album, which doesn't come out till AUGUST. No boo, that is too far away, let it ride. They're presenting the award for Best Actress, which goes to J-Hud. She's wearing a bedspread. Girl get a stylist!

Beyonce performs: Wow...she emerges from a metallic cocoon on some Mad Max shit. She knows she has to raise the bar everytime she does the BET Awards. So far it doesn't look like she'll surpass last year, but good job so far. Let's hope there aren't any wardrobe malfunctions. She sounds great, cuz she's dancing her ass off and isn't out of breath.

Kelly Rowland: okay, Beyonce segues to Kelly, who sounds lousy and looks like the result of an unholy union between Rainbow Brite and Wonder Woman. Now here comes Eve with another underwhelming rap performance. You know what though, BET always brings the dopest performances, and this was entertaining if nothing else.

TI wins some award: TI is that dude, sexy lil' anorexic thing. I give him credit for making a veiled apology for going upside the head of Ludacris' manager earlier in the week. Now that's gangsta: a man who can admit his faults while not humbling himself. Big thangs poppin' indeed.

Robin Thicke: Looking good and sounding good. This man makes love to my eardrums. He's performing "Lost Without You," but it has a sped-up Latin twist. Hmm...I guess that's okay. Why are you dancing Robin??? That was corny, don't do that again.

Now comes the dirty south portion of the program: T-Pain and Young Joc. T-Pain disgusts me. The camera just panned to Diana Ross doing a weird shimmy. Now Floyd Mayweather. I love you Floyd, you sexy thang you!

Tribute to Gerald Levert: Patti speaks, then performances by his daddy Eddie, Gladys Night, Yolanda Adams and Patti. Stirring performances with a visibly moved audience. R.I.P. Gerald!

50 Cent: Come on Fif, why you gotta cuss and test the censors? Not necessary. You're washed up playboy, just stick to movies and Vitamin Water. He disgusts me too. Go sit in the corner with T-Pain.

D-d-d-damn: Reggie Bush AND Floyd Mayweather? You. Just. Don't. Know.

Tribute to Diana Ross (the ORIGINAL diva!): I'm not gonna front, Diana is a legend, she deserves such a tribute. Alicia Keys gave a glorious homage. Badu performs "Love Hangover" with a crazy ass fro. Do it girl wit yo crazy ass. Your outfit is showing me parts of you I never wanted to see though. Thanks. Up next : Chaka Khan, a legend herself. Stevie Wonder too, hell yeah! She's lovin it, as she should, what an honor. Her kids present her with the award, how sweet! She closes with a word to the younger crowd that you can be classy ladies and gents and still have a long career. Nice Diana, but the world's a different place now and I think your words fell on deaf ears. Nice sentiment though.

Don Cheadle wins Humanitarian of the Year Award: What a humble, intelligent, endearing brother. He is a gem. I can't remember the last time I've heard such a sincere and thoughtful acceptance speech.

Jennifer Hudson wins Best New Artist: Sit down bitch I'm tired. You're great, but you are not the best new artist...isn't this award for musical artists??? Why is she winning an award, what music has she put out????

Awww Ciara, you disappointed me girl, I was lookin' for you to kill it! You did too much booty-poppin' and not enough dancing :-( The matrix shit is dope though, do you have a spine??? This girl is like Gumby.

Tribute to The Godfather of Soul: PE does a good job with a fitting introduction from Al Sharpton. R.I.P. JB. We needed a dancing tribute to him though, with Usher and Chris Brown. That woulda been hot. I swear whenever I hear Fight the Power I wanna burn some shit down. Revolution!

All in all a good show and a nice affair, but nothing to really make me say "did you see that?"

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